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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Expressions for Giving and Asking for Opinion

Do you know how to express for giving and asking for opinion? Here are some examples for you who want to know how to express for giving and asking opinion. In these conversations you will see some simple conversations to be used for speaking practice. Check these conversations in English below!

The instructors of the English club, Yena, Joko and Hani are talking about quality improvement in their English club. Now they are in the classroom.

Example of Expressions for Giving and Asking for Opinion

Yena :
Our headmaster wanted us to improve and increase the quality of our English club. What do you think, Joko?
Joko :
Well. I think so. We should be able to do that.
Yena :
So what should we do?
Joko :
I think that we have to improve our syllabus. It must be more relevant to English.
Hani :
That's a great idea. But don't forget. I think it is not only that. We should also know the students needs, because we handle different levels and wishes.
Yena :
Yes, I know that. Thank you. And then do we need new instructors here?
Joko :
I don’t think so. It is not necessary. Why don't you ask the qualified ones among us? Or are you still doubtful about us?
Yena :
Oh, of course not. I believe that we are still able to show our quality and capability, in fact from time to time many people from different levels want to learn English here. It means that they are satisfied.
Hani :
Are you going to accept children to study here?
Yena :
Why not? As long as we are still trusted and able to handle them we will open new classes. So should we recruit new instructors? I myself heard statements from some consumers that 5they feel satisfied with our teaching methods.
Joko :
Alright. If so we need new ones. Err ...I have no objection.
Yena :
How about you, Hani?
Hani :
Well I am with him. I support him.
Yena :
Thank you all. So we can conclude that firstly, the syllabus should be analyzed and improved if needed. Secondly we will recruit new instructors to handle children classes.

If you need more practice for this topic you may see our other example on the link bellow. Just check it first and you will find it useful.

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