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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Kantor

Untuk bekal sobat pelajar smk kali ini beberapa contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris di kantor akan saya berikan untuk belajar. Contoh dialog di kantor ini mungkin akan dibutuhkan oleh sobat untuk belajar maka simak segera “Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Kantor” berikut ini.

Percakapan In a waiting room.
Man : I’m getting nervous. Is it all right if I smoke?
Woman : I’d rather you didn’t. I feel dizzy when people smoke around me.
Man : Well, I’ll walk around for a moment then.

Percakapan In a meeting. (showing apology)
Manager : We’re sorry to have the meeting here. We know that it’s not comfortable here, but we have no choice. The meeting room is being renovated.
Guest : That’s all right, we completely understand .
Manager : Thank you.

Percakapan - At the front door of an office.
Toni: Would you mind helping me for a minute, please?
Abadi : Of course, what do you want me to do?
Toni : Could you hold this package while I look for the key to the door?
Abadi : I’d be glad to. What’s in this package? It’s extremely heavy.
Toni : It’s just office stationeries for our activities.
Abadi : Well, hurry up and open the door. I told you this thing was very heavy.
Toni : I can’t find the key. You must have it.
Abadi : You’re right, but how can I get the key while I’m holding this big package?

Percakapan - In a job interview
Bram : Look at the one who is being interviewed. He is very confident in answering all the questions. I think he has a job experience before this.
Joni : Maybe you’re right. The way he appears and he acts shows that he has a lot of job experience. By the way, how is your feeling now?
Bram : To tell the truth, I’m very nervous and worried that I will fail in this interview. You see, I haven’t had a job experience at all.
Joni : So am I. Seeing a confident man like him makes me down. I feel that my performance is much worse than his.
Bram : Anyway, feeling pessimistic won’t help us now. So, be optimistic!
Joni : Good idea!

Percakapan - Secretary
Fitri is Mr Apryan Siregar’s secretary. She comes to Mr Siregar’s room to ask for his signature on some reports.
Fitri : Here are some reports to be signed, Sir.
Mr Siregar : Any call or message for me?
Fitri : No, Sir.
Mr Siregar : (While giving the reports which have been signed). Please send an email to Mr Melson Santoso from the Ancient and Modern Art Gallery. Tell him that our company is interested in his designs. Ask him to attach us his latest designs and send a copy of them to Mrs Nisa Fauzi. Emphasize that we look forward to his immediate reply.
Fitri : All right, Sir. Anything else, Sir?
Mr Siregar : Yes, Fitri. Write a memo to all our employees that there is a new policy. All the employees have to attend Friday Fresh at 7 sharp in our indoor hall. There will be a direct disciplinary action from me to those who do not attend it without a good reason.
Fitri : Then, is it going to be a must, Sir?
Mr Siregar : Absolutely, yes. Most of our employees seldom have their self-exercise. I intend to reduce the health insurance cost. And Friday Fresh is the starting point. All of us have to obey this policy.
Fitri : Including you, Sir?
Mr Siregar : Yes, of course. The leader must be a model.
Fitri : That’s kind of you, Sir! When will it start, Sir?
Mr Siregar : Next Friday, at 7 sharp.
Fitri : Fine, Sir. I’ve got that. Anything else, Sir?
Mr Siregar : That’s all for now, I think.
Fitri : All right, Sir. I’ll do my work right now.
Mr Siregar : Thank you, Fitri.
Fitri : You’re welcome, Sir.

Mempelajari contoh-contoh percakapan yang dilakukan di kantor di atas akan memberikan bekal kemampuan berkomunikasi dalam dunia kerja, jadi saya sangat menyarankan agar sobat benar-benar mempelajarinya dan mencoba menyusun percakapan-percakapan bahasa Inggris serupa lainnya. Sampai disini dulu, semoga sobat tidak ketinggalan update conversation in English selanjutnya.