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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Describing Colors, Qualities, Sizes, Shapes, and Materials

Tema percakapan bahasa Inggris kali ini lebih panjang dari yang lain karena kita akan membahas contoh percakapan Describing Colors, Qualities, Sizes, Shapes, and Materials. Contoh percakapan ini merupakan percakapan antara suami istri dengan agen real estate saat mereka hendak mencari rumah. Silahkan langsung disimak dan dipelajari contoh dialog bahasa Inggris tersebut dibawah ini.

Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Describing Colors, Qualities, Sizes, Shapes, and Materials
Abdullah Zaky and Haritsa are a new couple. They have just got married for about three months. They are looking for a house. They are in a real estate agent now having a conversation with an agent.

Agent : Good morning Mr. and Mrs. . . .?
Zaky : Zaky. Abdullah Zaky.
Agent : Right, Mr. and Mrs. Zaky. Welcome to Gebyar Pesona Real Estate. I’m Fatih Hamzah. Can I help you?
Zaky : Yes. We’ve just got married and are looking for a house, a house which is not so big and not so small.
Ehm . . . medium, I mean.
Agent : Ah yes, you’re very lucky, Mr. and Mrs. Zaky. We have what you want, a medium house. Here is the picture.
Haritsa : It looks beautiful.
Agent : It does, Mrs. Zaky.
Haritsa : How many rooms does it have?
Agent : There are six rooms. One living room, one bathroom, two bedrooms, one kitchen, and one garage.
Haritsa : Where’s the kitchen?
Agent : Well, here’s the kitchen.
Haritsa : Hmm . . . it’s very small.
Agent : Yes, it isn’t big. But there’s a cooker and a fridge. There are some cupboards under the sink. The tiles are square.
Haritsa : Are there any plates?
Agent : Yes, there are some circular and some oval plates in the cupboard.
Zaky : Very good. What about the chairs? Are there any?
Agent : Yes, but they are in the living room, four wooden chairs and one wooden table.
Haritsa : But there aren’t any glasses.
Agent : Yes, there are twelve in the cupboard. Conical glasses.
Zaky : And . . . is there a television in the living room?
Agent : Yes, a big, colour television.
Zaky : What colour are the walls?
Agent : Blue outside and white inside.
Zaky : And what about the yard? I mean, how large is the yard?
Agent : The front yard is large enough but the back yard is not so large.
Zaky : And the garage?
Agent : The garage is enough for one car and one motorcycle.
Zaky : What do you think, honey? Can we take this house?
Haritsa : I think it very good. We can take it.
Zaky : OK, Mr. Hamzah, before we take this house, may I know how much it is?
Agent : It’s not expensive, Mr. Zaki, only seventy five million rupiahs. You can pay by installments, twenty five million as the down payment and ten million a month within five months.
Zaky : I agree.
Agent : Very good, Mr. Zaky. And if you don’t mind, can I know where you are from and what you are?
Zaky : I’m from Semarang and my wife is from Bandung. I’m a businessman and she’s a dentist.
Agent : Thank you very much, Mr. Zaky. Would you please fill in this form?
Zaky : All right.

Dari percakapan yang lumayan panjang di atas, sekarang sobat semua dapat memiliki gambaran tentang bagaimana caranya mengungkapkan atau mendeskripsikan sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan Colors, Qualities, Sizes, Shapes, and Materials dalam bahasa Inggris. Sampai disini, sampai bertemu di percakapan bahasa Inggris lainnya.

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