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Thursday, June 27, 2013

English Conversation: Asking and Giving Instruction

Do you know how to ask or giving instruction in English? When you do not know how to do or use something, what do you do? Do you ask someone to tell you how to do it or do you find any sources available around you? Can you follow the instructions and/or the directions well? Learn how to do that effectively in this conversation.

Pada kesempatan ini saya akan bebagi mengenai percakapan bahasa Inggris (English conversation) yang membahas tentang meminta dan memberikan sebuah instruksi. Jika sobat yang baru belajar bahasa Inggris ingin mengetahui bagaimana meminta atau memberikan sebuah instruksi silahkan dipelajari contoh dialog bahasa Inggris nya berikut ini.

Here is a dialogue between staff members. They are talking about creating a website for their company.

You know, I’m thinking about designing a website for our company. I think it is quite necessary for us.

You’re right. Although our company is not a big one, it still seems to need a website, at least, for the business purposes. But, we have no one who has got good command of webbing.

That doesn’t matter. We can learn it. Look, I’ve found an article in the internet explaining how to create a website with Yahoo! easily. Let me read the instruction. First of all, log in to Yahoo home page. Click on the 'GeoCities' link in the navigation pane to begin.
Then, click the 'Sign Up Now' link. This will redirect you to the GeoCities start page, which will ask you a series of questions that Yahoo! needs to know before you can create your Website. Next, determine what you intend your Website for by pressing one of the buttons next to your choice. Click on each box that indicates how you heard about GeoCities. Enter the 'Verification Key,' which is the letters and numbers that appear in the displayed image. Click 'Submit' once you are done. After that, click the 'Build Website Now' button to create your site using Yahoo's Sitebuilder application. This program helps you create your Website even if you have no experience with coding or programming. Finally, click the 'Submit' button once you've finished making changes with Sitebuilder, and your Website will reflect the changes you've made.

Budi : 
Wow. I think we can do it.

That was a dialogue between staff members which talk about creating a website for their company. Hope that you can take something useful from the conversation above.