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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Dialogue of Asking and Giving Directions

Here are some examples of today dialogue about asking and giving directions. The dialogue here are simple dialogue which can be studied by beginner in mastering English. Just check these out!

Conversation 1
X : Good Morning, may I help you?
Y : Good Morning, do you know where The Personal Manager’s office is?
X : Sure, it’s on the second floor, at the end of the hall. You can use the elevator.
Y : Thank you.
X : You’re welcome

Conversation 2
Mother : Tina, would you like to accompany me to go to the Flower Shop, because we need new flower for the living room.
Tina : Yes, of course. I think it’s a good idea! ( in the flower shop they meet a tourist who is asking about the coffee shop )
The Tourist : Excuse me, I’m looking for Coffee Shop, could you tell me where it is ?
Tina : Yes, I know that place. It’s near from here. You can go straight, then you turn left. The Coffee Shop is on the right side.
The Stranger : OK, I think it’s easy to find. By the way……thank you.
Tina : You’re welcome

Conversation 3
Tony : Excuse me, could you tell me where is the Book Shop?
Robin : Yes, I know that place. It is in front of Jensen's shoe store.
Tony : I’m sorry, I don’t know where it is?
Robin : You can go straight, then turn left.
Tony : OK, thank you.

Conversation 4
Siti : Good evening, Which way is it to the Watch Shop?
I : Good evening. If you want to go to the Watch Shop, from here you can turn left. It is between Coffee Shop and Department Store.
Siti : And what about Crystal Jewelry. How can I get there?
I : From here, you can go straight and it is on the right side.
Siti : Thank you and bye….

Conversation 5
A : Hello friend, can you help me? I don’t know where is your house, could you tell me the easy way to go to your house?
B : Oh, really! Of course, I will. You can go to my house by pedicab, and then you can get off from it, walk through the fifth blocks, you can turn right and see the green color of my house.
A : OK, that’s all! Wait for me, I will come to your house by evening.
B : I’ll be waiting.

Conversation 8
X : Friend, could you show me the way to the gas station because my gas is empty.
Y : Certainly, it’s easy way. You only have to go along the Sudirman street, find the U turn, the gas station is on the right.
X : Oh, I think is far away from here. Thank you.
Y : You’re welcome.

Conversation 6
A : Hey, I want to ask you. I don’t know the way to the boutique, can you help me?
B : Of course, I can. All you have to do is go straight to the Avenue, pass the second block then you will find a blue house, that is exactly the boutique.
A : Oh, the blue one. I think I know it. Thank you.
B : You’re welcome.

Conversation 7
X : Hello, friend. Can you help me? I want to go to Salon, I want to cut my hair but I don’t know where is the best Salon in this town.
Y : All right, I’ll give you some directions. From Delima street, you can go along the way then on the left corner of the Bank you can find the yellow house near the Coffee shop. The best Salon is in yellow color.
X : OK, thank you so much for your help.
Y : You’re welcome.

Conversation 8
Your friend, Tony, loose the directions to go to the Bookstore.
Tony : I think that I’m not familiar with this place. Maybe I want to ask someone to direct me.
Excuse me; can you direct me to go to Bookstore?
Boy : Okay, I’ll give you the direction. You can go across the hall then turn left; the Bookstore is in the opposite of the Drugstore.
Tony : Thank you.
Boy : You’re welcome.
Conversation 9
Your pen friend, Rhea, loose her wallet. She wants to go to the Police Station.
Rhea : Good afternoon, young boy! I need your help.
Young boy : Yes, of course, what kind of that?
Rhea : Could you tell me where the Police Station is, because I've lost my wallet.
Young boy : Okay, from here you can go straight and then you will find the U turn next to the Bank.
Rhea : Thank you for your information.
Young boy : You’re welcome.